A unique experience

You will be amazed at how much fun making batik is! Even if you have never done it before.


Batik is a resist dye technique created by wax drawn motifs. The technique has been practiced for over a thousand years from South America to Africa; Indonesia is accredited with its origin, due to Dutch trading. Traditionally, Hmong people use hemp as a base fabric. The batik design is used for clothing such as skirts and household items.


Unlike many languages Hmong didn't have a written form until very recently, thus textiles became a form of visual expression. The inspiration for batik motifs is derived from the natural environment, such as snail shells, animal teeth, ferns, cucumber and pumpkin seeds.

How to participate?

The workshop takes place every afternoon in Ta Van village - 8 km from Sapa. Courses begin at around 1.30 pm and usually last 3 hours. 


We don't take online bookings so just pop up in our store in Sapa (Indigo Cat / 034 Phan Xi Pang str. / Opening hours: 7/7 days, 9 am - 9 pm).  To arrange the course, you might come to see us the day before and set up a class for the afternoon of the next day.


For groups of more than 5 participants you must contact us in advance. We can accommodate up to 10 participants. 


Unfortunately we don't accept children under 6 years old. But they are welcome to share the experience under the responsibility of their parents.


  • The base price is 400'000 VND  per person (less than 20 US$).
  • Single participants should pay a 200'000 VND extra.
  • For groups of more than 5 participants, please contact us.


The price includes a skilled teacher with more than 40 years of experience, 25 x 25 cm cotton fabric, wax, a canting and indigo dye process. After boiling out the wax, you will have a great souvenir of your stay in Sapa.


  • The transportation from Sapa to Ta Van village is not included. The cost for a taxi is about 400'000 VND (round trip). We can arrange the transportation for you.
  • Entrance fee to the village is not included. The cost is 70'000 VND for 1 person.

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